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Custom Made Rug Program

Owning a house is a life time achievement and decorating its exteriors and interiors is a passion which not only denotes ones taste but also enhances quality of life of the person dwelling in the house.

Custom made rugs are complementary to the furniture, fixtures and accessories of any given interior and is catalyst in up scaling the ambience of the room décor. NHI expertises in producing custom made rugs, be it a special design, size, color, texture or construction.


          1200 Colors Box                                  600 Colors Box                            Polyester Color Cards

A color pallet of 1200  shades is available to
choose so that every customer finds a match of his taste.



We offer CAD based designing so that the designs whether in Contemporary, Floral, Transitional or Traditional patterns could be developed as per the customer's desire.

Rug Styles

Contemporary     Floral     Transitional     Traditional
       Contemporary                         Floral                             Transitional                         Traditional


Shapes & Sizes



Various customised shapes and
sizes can be developed in Octagon, Hexagon, Round, Square and Abstract dimentions.