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Rug Care

Hand made Rugs are extremely durable in nature and could be easily and economically cleaned and maintained. When properly cleaned and maintained a rug could last for longer time.

The information mentioned below regarding cleaning and maintaining rugs offer simple and basic advice for the protection and care of rugs.
Cleaning / Washing
Depending on amount of traffic on rugs, professional cleaning or washing is required every 1 to 2 years. Professional or Expert rug cleaner will assure best cleaning that gives back the richness and shine of color and wool of rugs. Do not expose rugs in direct sun light for longer time as it could result in faded colors of rugs.
Normally, new rugs do not require repair or restoration but old and antique rugs may sometimes need to be repaired or restored. In case of any damage of rugs, services from an expert or professional for repair or restoration should be taken.
Rugs should be vacuumed on regular basis to remove dust and dirt which would restore life to the fibers. Do not vacuum the fringes because doing so could damage the fringes. Do not Vacuum Shaggy rugs as it will damage the rug. To clean the Shaggy rug, flip it over and shake well by hand.
Stain Removing
To avoid spills setting deep and becoming stubborn, it is recommended to act immediately. When spills occur on rugs, put some water in the affected area to dilute, blot with clean white cloth or paper towel. Remove the moisture as much as possible by blotting with absorbent cloth or thick paper towel. Do not rub spills as could result in setting spills deeper in the affected area.


In addition to this, following are some basic tips to clean difference types of stains and spots :
Food & Beverages Stains: Regular food and beverages stains or spots could be cleaned by normal detergents used for washing cloths.
Ink Stains: Ink stains could be removed by spraying hairspray on the affected area. Allow it to dry. Brush gently with solution of water and vinegar.
Wax Spots: Put blotter on the affected area and use hot iron on the blotter. Do not let hot iron stay longer in one place. Keep hot iron constantly moving. Wait for few minutes until the wax is absorbed by the blotter. Repeat this step as needed.
Please note: Do not apply bleach directly on any stains or spots as it can result in color loss of that area where used. All stains should not betreated with water. To remove stubborn stain and spots, we recommend getting services from an expert or professional cleaner.